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Milos island


Milos is a volcanic island in the southwest of the Cyclades. The island has 67 beaches. Inhabited since prehistoric times, and has given and still gives Mining significant wealth.

Has a horseshoe shape and the surface is estimated to 151 square kilometers.

Milos belongs to the network NATURA 2000. The southwestern side of the island is a marine habitat of the monk seal while the western part is the land of the red viper. Under Natura Achivadolimni belongs where it is the largest natural wetland in the Cyclades and important stop for migratory birds.bb

The island has two inactive volcanoes. The volcano Firiplaka at the central southern part of the island with spectacular crater and the volcano Trachilas at the north of the island.

Milos inhabited since prehistoric times, the Bronze Age. It is said that the first settlers were Phoenicians. Residents took part in the naval battle of Salamis in 480bc and was one of the few islanders who are not surrendered to the Persians. Later 416bc the island was conquered by the Athenians.

ccIn 1830 the London Protocol Milos along with the rest of the Cyclades ensomatothike the fledgling Greek state. On 9 May 1941 it was imposed on the island while the German occupation during the period of dictatorship left a place of exile.

An archaeological museum store cast of Aphrodite (the original statue in the Louvre) as well as a number of archaeological finds. At the same time there are plenty of archaeological sites, such as the famous catacombs and ancient temples.


We are 13 kilometers from the island's airport


We are 9 kilometers from the port of Milos (Adamas)


There is a regular bus service to most beaches such as the harbor and the town.